David Bowie


I had a dream a few years ago. In the dream I was going to see a concert in a dingy club in a city in a place I could not recognise. The concert passed in a blur and the only thing I remember from the dream is wondering up a flight of stairs to the roof of the building.

I went up the stairs with a man who was tall, angular and extremely handsome. And before your minds descend to gutter, no, it wasn’t that type of dream.

The man and I sat on the roof of the building and looked out on the city below and gazed up at the stars. We sat and spoke for hours and hours and the night seemed to last forever. Then I woke up.

I cannot remember what we spoke about but I just remember feeling very reassured and safe and enchanted by this man. The man was David Bowie.

There will be plenty of obituary specials about David Bowie in the next few days but really there is little to be said. Anything that has to be said can be done through his music.

Good night David. We’ll miss you. RIP



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